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THE STATE is a publishing practice based out of Dubai, U.A.E. It investigates South-South reorientations, problematised futurisms, transgressive cultural criticism, and the sensuous architecture of this “printernet.”

AKA «browning the future»

ETC is a collection of our findings from elsewhere around the internet.

"   To ask whether a capitalist incentive is good or bad is to miss the point. There is no good and bad in capitalism—only less and more. Good and bad are qualitative assessments of use-value. Cancer research is more important than money, because cancer research saves lives, and money is fictional. In a capitalist system you can get cancer research by moving money around, but this is a terribly complex task of attempting to transfer the exchange value of money into use value of killing cancerous cells. The money itself couldn’t give a damn what you do with it. Capital only cares what capital does.   "
bitcoin logic | THE STATE