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The drink was invented by Noel Nichols—a herbalist—in a warehouse in Manchester just before World War I. This English ‘old-fashioned’ drink was first introduced as a medicinal remedy in 1908 during the temperance movement, where the consumption of alcohol was considered to be dangerous to health and soul. Thus, Nichols developed the drink as part of this social phenomenon, and initially called it Vim Tonic: a juice made from grapes, blackcurrants, and raspberries flavoured with spices and herbs. Vim Tonic was created as a substitute to alcohol while being marketed to improve ‘vigour’ (hence the name vim), and is probably why the packaging looks like a wine bottle with an ingredient base of grapes. The name Vim Tonic was later shortened to Vimto in 1912. Its first global outlet was Guyana in 1919, then India in 1924. (via vimto | THE STATE)